Updated kitchen: Get the look for less

Hey y’all! Forgive me for no new content in a month of Sundays! Things have been a little busy. Started a new job (can’t remember if I shared already,) and we’ve had a couple projects done around the house. Hope everyone’s year has been off to a great start. Speaking of projects, the latest was getting new kitchen countertops and backsplash. It’s been on my wish list for years. After pricing granite, and the fact that this house will eventually be a rental property, we went with laminate. We shopped around, and I found a really good looking option at Home Depot. The tile for the backsplash came from Lowe’s. You really can’t go wrong with subway tile. I was thinking at first of going with something that had a design, but decided to go just go with subway tile since it’ll appeal to just about anyone’s taste in the future. I’ll save the funky designs for our dream home!

So, here’s a close up of the countertops. They look a lot like granite and I love the color. Since my cabinets are painted black, I wanted something that would brighten up the space, and this surpassed my expectations.

This picture isn’t quite the entire kitchen, but it’s a small space, not much more is missing from the pic. It really turned out well!

Including labor, the total cost was about $1100. A fraction of the cost of granite. I’m all about getting the look for less! I’m definitely enjoying our updated space!

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