How to make lemon pound cake muffins

To know me is to know that I LOVE lemon flavored anything desserts. Social media algorithms have also figured this out and lemon desserts are always popping up in my feeds. I save them, and make maybe 10% of them. I saved this recipe many months ago, but I decided to make them last weekend. They didn’t disappoint! For the most part I stuck to the recipe, but tweaked it a little. I added the zest of almost one lemon, and I swapped the amounts for the lemon and vanilla extracts. Basically I used more lemon than vanilla because I wanted to make sure they tasted extra lemony! These were more cakey than muffin, which I loved. I also only used 1 cup of powdered sugar to make the glaze because 2 cups would have made way too much for a dozen muffins. They are actually more like little mini lemon pound cakes. Whatever you wanna call them, they are all kinds of delish.

I found them very easy to make. If you love lemon desserts and pound cake, then you’ll definitely want to make these. Report back when you do! I’m already thinking about making more!

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