What to expect from wash & go hair

Hey y’all! Hope everyone’s year is off to a great start, or at least much better than the year that was 2020! I’ve been busy running my online biz, job hunting, and finding new things to cook up around the house. And the reason for writing this post, trying to perfect my wash & go hair styles! I’ve settled on my fav product, so my search is over for hair products! The Doux products are life! I’ve loved everything that I’ve tried so far, but the mousse def that I’ve written about before is the one and only product you’ll ever need for an amazeballs wash & go. You can read about it here. Here’s what my hair looks like on day 1 and on day 6, the day before wash day. And speaking of wash day, what are ya’ll doing that requires all day to wash your hair? Honestly, hearing people talk about how wash day was a whole day process was one of the biggest reasons I was scared of being natural! So glad I tried it for myself because wash day doesn’t have to be so complicated.

As you can see on the first day, my curls are pretty tight and there’s no frizz. I try not to mess with it too much on the first day because I’ve learned that the less I mess with it, the longer the curls last before frizz takes over. Somewhere along day 3 or 4, it starts to look a lot more like a fro. If you like the fro look, then you could go past 7 days without washing your hair and resetting the style, but I like curls more than frizz, so I always aim to wash on day 7. Maybe one day I’ll venture out and do a video to show you how I apply the mousse, sit under a hooded dryer, and all that jazz, but it really is simple. Detangle, wash & condition in the shower, comb your hair, and then apply the mousse with your fingers. And there’s no such thing as using too much. I’ve actually found that the more I use, the better my curls set and the longer they seem to last before frizz takes over. You can either air dry or sit under a hooded dryer. I choose the dryer because it only takes about 45 minutes to dry and I just believe that you get better results that way.

Have you found any wash & go techniques that you swear by? Please share!

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