Monterey chicken spaghetti

Happy New Year y’all! The calendar has changed, but what remains the same is my love for good food! Like every year I strive for healthy choices, but sometimes I give into delicious carbs like this chicken spaghetti recipe.

I made a few modifications. Fresh baby spinach instead of frozen. I added one chopped fresh jalapeño for extra spiciness. I used Dreamfields low carb spaghetti. And I used a little less cheese. Other than that I followed the recipe.

I just ate my last serving for lunch and I already miss it!

I’m definitely making this one again. Hubby also enjoyed it. Like all pasta, it paired well with a salad and garlic bread. By the way, if you’ve never tried Publix brand garlic knots, you are truly missing out on a delish treat! Definitely add this one to your recipe stash!

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