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Purse storage solution 


Hey y’all! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I told myself that I wasn’t going shopping for awhile, and what did I end up doing all weekend? Shop! I did find some great deals though, and I only bought one item of clothing, so I’m still proud for not buying more clothes. Y’all it’s getting out of control with the clothes, so I do need to cut back on shopping before I completely run out of room! Speaking of running out of room, I needed extra room for purse storage, especially my clutches.  In my head I had the idea of getting some sort of cute box/bin to put them in, and I found exactly what I was looking for, and even cuter at Ross this weekend! 

  They had these in 3 different sizes. This was the largest size and only 8.99. I wish I had gotten all of them because I could have found a use for them all. I love the distressed look too! 

And y’all, this thing is full now, because I added more from a different closet after I took this pic. So, what do you guys use for purse storage? I could use more ideas. 


Because bedding can be fashionable too


One of the things I do best is sleep! I’d probably even prefer sleeping over eating, and that’s saying something since I love food so much! 

Besides my love of fashion, I also love to decorate my home and I’m always perusing the home decor section at my happy place, Ross. I spotted a Ross while visiting my sister on Saturday, and of course I had to stop by! Glad I did because it was a good one. All Ross stores are not created equal. There are some that I never find anything at, so I do get what people are saying when they tell me they never find the things that I do at Ross. 

I wasn’t planning on buying new bedding, but I also couldn’t pass up an amazeballs deal! In my head, I was seeing some kind of orange, paisley combo, and my vision came to be, so I’m super excited! 

Style and fashion doesn’t have to just stop at clothing. I’m a firm believer that your personal style should also be reflected in your home. I love color, and you can definitely tell when you come into my home. It’s kind of like a box of crayons threw up, but I love it! 

What are some of your fav colors that you love to decorate with. I love orange, green, and yellow…well pretty much any color 😊

Awesome home decor I found at Ross today!


By saying that I love Ross is an understatement! On pay week Fridays…and often in between, you can find me at Ross! They have everything!!!! 

Today I found some awesome home decor items! A cute pink pillow with sequin heart for the chaise in my closet/office room, fantabulous lamps for my bedroom, and a cute mirror set for a wall in my bedroom. I hadn’t planned to look for home decor today but I’m glad I did! 


  • Pillow- 7.99
  • Lamps- 49.99 each but I got 20% off each because I noticed a defect. 
  • Mirror set- 9.99

If you’re looking for cute home decor, definitely check out Ross!