Extra storage space for sunnies, or anything else!

Over the last couple years I’ve become obsessed with buying just about everything from stores like Lidl and Aldi. I’m such a regular now that I’ve become familiar with items and when they may show back up in the stores. I headed to Lidl last week looking for a shelf that I had seen about a year ago and was hoping they had brought them back, and yay, I found them! I needed somewhere to store my sunnies, and I was also tired of seeing hubby’s cases laying around. This one is super cute and just the right amount of space for what we had. You can probably still find them there if you hurry! I think they are around $12.

These really can be used for anything and anywhere! They’d also look really nice if you hung more than one. I also found some really cute jumpsuits and I can’t wait to wear them. Yes, I also buy clothes from the grocery store! Don’t knock it til you try it. Surprisingly the quality of the clothing I’ve gotten has been pretty darn good! Please comment if you’re also obsessed with Lidl and Aldi, and we can’t leave Trader Joe’s out!

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