Old blush. Hello new eyeshadow!

We’ve all been there. Buying products that end up in the cosmetics graveyard. I’ve gotten better about impulse buying, but I still have some items I’m trying to figure out how to give them a second life instead of totally wasting my money.

I’ve never been much of a blush wearer, but a few years ago I thought I’d try wearing it more, so I bought a few. I never spend too much on things like this that I know I may not continue wearing, so the last one I tried was the Ulta brand. One weekend when I was visiting my mama, I noticed I had forgotten to pack eyeshadow. I rumbled through my makeup bag and found the forgotten Ulta blush, had an a-ha moment, and figured I’d try it as an eyeshadow. It looked super pretty and since then it’s become one of my favorite eyeshadows! It’s a great neutral for an everyday look, so on most days, that’s what you’ll see me wearing.

Give your old blush new life as an eyeshadow.

Another one of my faves is to use an old toothbrush for laying down my baby hair. Works like a charm! Yes, you can buy a pretty inexpensive hair tool to do the same, but hello, the tool likes just about the same as a toothbrush, minus the comb at the other end!

What are some of ways you’ve found to give old beauty products new life?

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