It’s (almost) my birthday and I deserve new shoes

I’m officially in the age range I thought was old when I was young…but at least I’ve got good genes! My dear sweet dad was 78 when he left this world, but I swear he looked no older than 60. My mama is in her 70’s and not one wrinkle in sight, so I’m thankful for the black don’t crack genes! However, on the inside, the body knows exactly how old she is lol! Anywho, it’s almost the national holiday that is my birthday! Thankfully I have PTO again and can go back to my no work on my birthday philosophy!

During the pandemic, hubby and I have been able to save a lot of money, for which we are grateful. There’s always a silver lining when you go through sucky times. I have always been a shopper, but thanks to having nowhere to go to wear nice things, I save lots of money by not buying things I don’t need quite as much! At least not things you can wear…I’ve become obsessed with shopping at Lidl and Aldi and have wasted entirely too much money between the two. Just a couple weeks ago I spent $200 on a single day going to both places and have put myself in time out, but I think I’ll be back this week. I do need a couple food items that I can only get there…yeah that’s what I tell myself!

It was so hard thinking of something to buy to treat myself. Thought about a new purse, but I don’t really have the opportunity to carry one often. Then I thought, there are few things I love more than shoes. They never go out of style, and eventually I’ll find a place to wear them! I found a great deal on a pair of leopard print Loubs. Hello, leopard! I must say Louboutin does a great job designing shoes that show off toe cleavage. Sounds weird, but it looks super sexy!

The heel is a little lower than I normally wear but I can run in them if I had to, they’re comfy, and look great on my feet! In the world we live in, unfortunately you never know when you may have to make a run for it. I’m quite happy with my purchase. Still a week away, but it’s never too early to start celebrating!

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