Bye bye rough feet!

Y’all. Since forever I’ve blamed my callused feet on wearing heels. Since I’ve been barefoot for nearly 2 years, I’ve learned that’s a lie. I just have rough feet I guess! I get monthly pedicures and even pay extra for callus removal, but nothing ever quite gets them 100% smooth which is annoying! Plus hubby’s feet are always smooth and I’m always rubbing on them with my rough hoofs.

But I recently found a product on Amazon that works! It’s a knock off of the popular foot mask that I can’t bring myself to pay that much for, but for about $8 I was willing to give it a shot. It came in a 3 pack so both hubby and I tried it together. I didn’t get a pic of the product while using it but all you do it slip the little booties on your feet and kick back for and hour. It does take days for the peeling to start, so don’t think it’s not working. Mine started on day 5. I’ve been obsessed with peeling the skin off my feet since then. It’s kinda gross yet satisfying! I literally feel like I have a whole new set of feet! It completely got rid of the calluses and my feet haven’t been this smooth on the bottom since I was a kid!

Here’s what it looked like after a few days of peeling.

Here’s the product and link.

I’m tickled at how the before and after pics on the package looks pretty much the same, but trust me, this stuff works. I plan on doing this monthly and I’m so excited I can stop paying extra for callus removal at the nail salon, especially when I still leave with the same calluses! Try these and thank me later!

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