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Dillard’s clearance: fab shoe find


Hey y’all! Hope everyone has had an amazeballs week so far. It’s been eons since I wrote about shoes. I’ve actually been trying to do less shopping. I have soooooo much stuff it’s getting kinda ridiculous. But when Dillard’s has a clearance sale where you get extra off, it’s worth checking it out. It was the weekend before July 4th and there was an extra 30% off! I went a little nuts. I got 2 pair of sunnies, a necklace, earrings, a shirt (which I just remembered,) and these fab pair of heels! 

They ended up being like $25. You can’t beat that for a pair of Jessica Simpsons. I love her shoes by the way. I even wore a pair today. They’re affordable, always comfy, and always on sale somewhere! 

So other than sales like these, I rarely even shop at Dillard’s. But like I said, when they have these sales, you must go. You never know what you’ll find. I hear there’s also a Dillard’s clearance store in Asheville. I’ve been meaning to go, and I think I may do that on my bday this year. I always take the day off because hello, I don’t work on the national holiday that is my bday, and I need something to do that day. It’s not far away, so why not go and see what I can find. Have you guys been? 


Late to the two strap sandal party 


I call them the Jennifer Aniston shoe because she seems to wear them all the time! But I’ve seen them everywhere the past couple spring/summers. I’m very late, but I bought my first pair of two strap sandals….well the first since they became trendy again.  

 I’m still trying to decide if I love them. They do elongate the legs, and seem to be comfy, so I’ll probably keep them. They were also a steal on Hautelook.com, less than $20!   

 Are you a fan of these type shoes? They are very versatile, so I see why Jenn loves them so much! Look at me calling her Jenn as if we’re really “Friends.” 

Steve Madden lace-up heels


Happy New Year everyone! I chose to ring in the new year by going to church and dinner with a friend. Hopefully this year I’ll be somewhere fabulous with a date, wearing a super cute outfit and killer heels! Not that church isn’t an awesome way to celebrate being blessed to see another year, but I’d like to experience one of those fancy parties that I see on tv where you get all dressed up and get a kiss from your handsome date when the clock strikes 12! 

I’ve completely derailed…but I wanted to show you these totally awesome, smoking hot pair of lace-up heels I found at Dillard’s on Friday at the New Year’s Day sale!  By the way, if you’ve never been to this sale, GO next year! Pretty much every department has 50% off clearance! And it’s not just junk clearance, it’s the good stuff! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, but get there early! 

 They’re the Raela by Steve Madden. I don’t know what it is about lace-up heels but I can’t not buy them when I see them! They look so good on! I got mine for a steal, but you can get them for regular price here. They also come in other colors. I had to talk myself out of buying the nude, but I now wish I wouldn’t have! 

Do you have a pair of these? I’m so looking forward to wearing these with everything! Steve Madden shoes are typically always super comfy! 

Fav shoes of 2015


So if you’ve been around for awhile, you know that I’m a self-proclaimed shoeaholic! I’m kind of ashamed to say that I exceeded the max of 15 pics while making this collage, which means I bought way more than 15 pairs of shoes this year 🙈 

Here are some of my fav shoe purchases this year!  

 By far, my absolute fav was THE shoe, my first of hopefully many more Christian Louboutins. I’m still in love with them! My only complaint is that they now flop on my feet a little, but I don’t have buyer’s remorse and would buy another pair in a skinny minute! 

Also this year I found my new fav site to shop for shoes, Hautelook. It’s amazeballs! The only thing is you have to buy whatever catches your eye when you see it because once it’s gone there’s no guarantee the deal will come back. The prices are also awesome! And best of all, you can return to your local Nordstrom Rack if you need to. 

I did make an attempt to buy less shoes and even tried to go on a no new shoe buying fast, which only lasted a month, but because I’m all about finding a great deal, I don’t feel bad about buying more shoes! And life is short, just buy the shoes, that’s my mantra!

Fellow shoeaholics, what was your fav shoe purchase of the year? 

The big bow shoe you’ll love


For the last year or so, I’ve seen the big bow shoe pop up while scrolling through Facebook. I’d stop scrolling to check them out constantly, but wasn’t sure if I really liked the ginormous bow. A couple months ago, I saw them online at DSW and almost ordered, but when I realized the fuschia was really red, I passed. 

Then one day I happened to be looking on hautelook.com and saw them, and for an unbeatable price! So, I just had to order! I went with taupe, but now I wish I had gotten them in black and royal blue too! 

  The ginormous bow isn’t as big as they looked online, so I was pleasantly surprised! I love them! And they’re quite comfy…I think, just got them yesterday, so I’ve only worn them around the house. If you’re on the fence about this shoe, just get them already, trust me, you’ll love them too!
If you’re unfamiliar with Hautelook, it’s a Nordstrom company, so the quality is awesome! You can even make returns at your local Nordstrom Rack. I’ve been thrilled with all of my purchases and the prices have been awesome! 

My big bow shoes were around $20! The only thing is, you have to buy when you see it, because once it’s gone it’s gone and there’s no guarantee the item will come back. And it takes a few weeks after you order to get your items, but so far everything I’ve ordered was worth the wait! 

Do you shop Hautelook? What are some of your fab finds? 

Trend alert: fringe! 


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know of my fondness of fringe!!! I love it on shoes, accessories, clothing…I just love myself some fringe! 

Weeks ago I ordered a pair of black fringe booties from hautelook.com, they finally arrived last Friday and I absolutely love them! I so can’t wait for fall so that I can rock them with just about everything! They’ll look awesome with jeans, skirts, dresses…seriously everything! 

  I’m so over the moon happy that fringe is back because I’ve been a long time fan! I’ve also ordered 3 more pairs of fringe shoes from Hautelook in the past week, 2 pair of pumps and a sandal,  so I’ll be sure to let you guys know if I’m also in love with them when they get here, but I have high hopes 😊
In case you’re unfamiliar with the site, it’s a Nordstrom company, and you can even return your items at Nordstrom Rack if you need to! This was actually my first order, but I’m definitely already a repeat customer! 

Do you love fringe too? 

My new obsession: lace up heels


It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE shoes! And now, I’m completely obsessed with any shoe that laces up. So far, within the last few months, I’ve purchased 3 pair…and counting ☺️. And I just love the look. They look awesome with just about anything. Today I’m wearing the ones on the top left with a cute little shift dress. 

 Where I got them:

  • Both on the left: DSW
  • On the right: Belk (DSW has them too)

Are you a fan of the lace up heel/bootie/wedge? And what do you love to wear them with? I’m looking forward to wearing them with jeans in the fall. I would do that now, but my legs are allergic to pants in the summer ☺️ 

Faux two piece dress


I guess faux two piece dresses are a thing right now because I bought a couple last year and I just bought two more within the last few weeks. I guess you could say that I kinda like them a lot 😊

The one I’m wearing today came from Ross in the junior section. I’ll say it again, if you can still fit junior sizes, in Ross, that’s where you’ll find all the cute, trendy clothing. You do have to adjust your sizing for some things especially regarding length because a lot of the skirts and dresses are super short, so going up a size or two helps. 

  I love this dress because I can not only wear it to church, but it can also be dressed up if I’m going somewhere more dressy and need a cocktail dress. 
Where I got it:

  • Dress: Ross
  • Necklace: Versona
  • Heels: Neiman Marcus (Christian Louboutin.)

Pink & green Tuesday!


One of my fav color combos is pink and green, and not just because I’m an AKA 😊. Actually I wear so much green that someone pointed out to me that I’m wearing something green most days at work. 

I’m not a mall shopper, but I had to go get a watch battery and lipstick on Saturday. Usually I’m in and out when I do have to go, but I decided to look around this time. I found some amazeballs deals, so I’m glad I went! I got a super cute blouse and skirt that I’m wearing today at NY&Co. Both pieces were less than $30! 

 What are some of your fav color combos? Color blocking may not be a big thing anymore, but I still do it! 

Where I got it: 

  • Blouse & skirt: NY&Co
  • Heels: DSW
  • Necklace: jane.com 

Updated: Quick and easy way to protect your red bottoms


A few weeks ago, I finally got to cross an item off my wish/bucket list. I got myself a pair of Louboutins, and I’m still in love with them! Before purchasing them, I googled ways to protect the bottoms, because hello, you pay that much money, you want to keep the bottoms red! 
I kept seeing online, people talk about using Zagg screen protectors on them, so that’s what I did too. I ordered mine from eBay. All you have to do is cut it to fit your shoe, and you’re good to go! I wore mine for the first time today outside, and I’m so excited that this trick works! You can see the wear is only on the screen protector, not my shoe! I’ll probably change it after a few more times just because I don’t like to see the dirt or scuffs, you guessed it, I’m a bit OCD 😊 I will warn you though, be extremely careful when you’re taking them off to put on a new one because when I tried to get air bubbles out while putting it on, I wasn’t gentle enough and the paint started to lift on the corner. But hey, worse would have happened without having them on to begin with, so I won’t cry…for now 😌 Most people choose the protective soles to protect their soles, but I just don’t know if I want to go that route. A cobbler basically scrapes off the red paint and then puts on a thin rubber sole…I think I like this approach better because I keep the original sole, and I keep my red paint in tip top condition. Works for me!  

Here’s the Zagg screen protector I ordered from eBay. They’re much cheaper here than in stores like Best Buy. Because it comes with a back and front cover, you have enough for at least 2 pair of shoes! The seller I ordered from also still has them available here


  Update: don’t do it!!!!! I was wrong, when I went to remove the screen protector, the paint peeled off too 😫 

I had to take them to a cobbler to get protective soles. I’m pleased with the results, but I hate I even tried this trick to begin with!