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Must try mud mask


Sunday nights have turned into beauty treatment night at my house! Tonight I tried something new. A couple months ago, I placed my first order from La Vita Lush. I ordered a body butter and eye shadow, but received a few other products complimentary, including this mud mask! 

This stuff looks and smells good enough to eat. The coffee smell made me sad that I couldn’t buy my new Keurig this weekend 😔 I ended up having to buy a new vacuum instead, because mine decided to die! Anyway, this stuff smells heavenly. I applied it and then got into the shower, then rinsed afterwards. I love that it has actual coffee grinds (or something that was exfoliating) and I scrubbed my face as I rinsed. My skin felt amazeballs afterwards. I actually want to scrub my whole body in this stuff now! 

The creator of this line, LeKesha Benson is also from my hometown. So, not only are southern girls cute as a button and sweet as pie, we’re also super talented! You guys should definitely check her products out! From what I understand, they’re also all natural. 

Have you guys tried any good beauty products lately? Do tell!!!


Tarte lights, camera, lashes review


If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I’m on a quest to find amazeballs mascara. I feel like I’ve tried them all, but the search is never-ending! 

The latest one I’ve purchased is Tarte lights, camera, lashes. And the best part is it only cost me $10 during the sale at Ulta recently, so even if I hate it, I won’t be mad because it didn’t cost much! 

So, I just started wearing it this weekend and I have to say I’m impressed!  

So, ignore the insanely large pimple on my forehead, but I’m wearing 2 coats here, I think I’m going to try 3 coats tomorrow because I’d like my lashes to look a little thicker. I love that it’s non drying or flaky, and buildable! But, it’s not waterproof, and I’m a waterproof kinda girl. 

The brush is also pretty awesome and great for both upper and lower lashes. I also love the packaging, super cute!  

I’d definitely buy it again, but I don’t think I’ve found my holy grail of mascara yet. Do you guys have any good mascara recs? 

Bio oil: empty bottle report 


So, if you’re new to my blog, I love beauty products and will try anything at least once! And when a beauty product claims to lighten dark spots and scars, I’m all in! 

For the past few months, I’ve been battling acne, grrrrrrrrr!!!! Any little pimple that I get leaves a blemish so I’ve been looking for a product that helps lighten the scars. 

The latest product I’ve tried is bio oil. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I do have to say it works wonders! My blemishes are nearly gone, yessssss!!!! I’m also using it on a few random scars and I can see that they’re also much lighter! I’m also finding that this product works pretty quickly, which is amazeballs! 

And, if you need a celebrity endorsement, I saw this article where the Kardashians swear by this stuff. The claims on the bottle say that it’s good for scars, stretch marks, and dry skin. I can only vouch for the scars, but I may try it on stretch marks too when I buy a new bottle.  

 You can find it in most stores and pharmacies for about $10. Have you tried this product before and what do you think? 

L’Occitane Review


So, I got a pretty awesome box of goodies to review from #influenster a few days ago. In it was a sample of L’Occitane light comforting cream to review. It’s only been a few days, but so far I love it. It’s light & non greasy, so I think it would be good for all skin types. I’m only using it on my face but I could totally use it all over. It moisturizes great. Depending on the price (haven’t looked into it yet) I’d definitely buy it. 

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a light weight daily moisturizer, you can’t go wrong with this one. It also has Shea butter which is awesome for the skin! Try it out & see why #ineedshea.