Buffet, TV Stand, or Whatever!

OMG where did this year go?! We’ll blink and it’ll be Christmas next week. I hope y’all had a great year. It’s been a mix of highs and super lows for me. I lost my mama 2 months ago. It’s been a blur since then, and writing a blog has been the furtherest thing from my mind, but I ran into an old friend on Sunday who reminded me that it’s time for new content, so here goes!

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you may know our house is small…cute but small. I’m always looking for ways to maximize space. In our bedroom, I had a ginormous tv cabinet/armoire that I’ve had for a long time. It was a great piece, but much too big for the room. I’ve been wanting to find something new to replace it, and finally found something I thought could work on Amazon. It’s actually made to be a buffet cabinet for the kitchen or dining room, but I saw it and thought it would be perfect for the bedroom. It has drawers and I found baskets for the shelving that I can use as more storage. Finding the baskets that fit perfectly was a nightmare and involved many Amazon returns than I liked, but I finally found them.

Here’s a stock photo from Amazon that shows the intended use.

And here’s a photo from our bedroom. Turned out even cuter than I hoped!

Have you ever found a piece of furniture or any other household item that you ended up using for something other than what it was actually made for? I love finding unexpected uses for things. That’s kind of my jam!

I always have good intentions of keeping new content coming, but then life always seems to happen. If we don’t meet here again before the end of the year, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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