Expensive mascara does not equal better

I’ve been on a quest this year to find fantabulous mascara! I feel like I’ve tried just about all of them, both drug store and higher end brands. What I’ve learned is that A) my stupid lashes are just too short and B) just because a mascara costs a lot, doesn’t mean it’s the best. 

The last couple of higher end mascaras have left me pretty much disappointed. My fine, short lashes need volume and length and I’ve just not found one that lived up to the hype for the price. 

Just yesterday I bought this one from MAC, false lashes. Tried it this morning, and I’m so underwhelmed that I’m taking it back to get a refund. I mean, why pay $22 for mascara when you can’t even see a difference? I should have taken a pic, but just my two cents, don’t waste your money. 

  I had just ran out of Lancôme Hypnose that I had been using the past couple of months. I give it about the same rating as the MAC false lashes. I just couldn’t see how it was worth the almost $30 it costs. I wish I had returned it too, but I so wanted it to work. I kept thinking it was user application error so I kept trying to make it work. 
  So, before I started on this higher end mascara journey I was using the Falsies by Maybelline, which I picked up at Publix again today because I’m tired of wasting my money on expensive mascara and if it ain’t broke, why try to fix it?! I love that not only is it only about $6, it really is a good mascara. It adds volume and length but doesn’t look clumpy. Also, I get black drama and it’s a super dark black and I love that it makes my eyes pop. This may sound weird, but it’s like the expensive brands I tried just weren’t black enough. Anybody else notice this with certain mascaras? I don’t wear eyeliner, so maybe that’s what I like about this mascara, it almost looks like I’ve lined my eyes because it’s so dark. 
  So, there you have it, all expensive mascaras aren’t worth the extra cash. There are still others I may try one day, like Dior because I hear great things about it, but for now, I’m gonna stick with what I know! I have also tried Benefit They’re Real, and that one gets two thumbs up! I’d definitely try it again. Do you have any recommendations for good mascara? 

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  1. Hey Kindra! I am a self-professed mascara junkie. I live for the stuff! I agree with you about the disappointment with some of the more costly brands and have found my best results in drug store favs. Right now I’m in constant contact with Loreal’s Voluminous Lashes Excess. I can apply up to four coats without clumping and get the biggest, boldest lashes. It comes in Blackest Black or something like that. Good stuff for around $8.


  2. I’m using to your right now… It’s fine… I don’t think it’s worth five times the price of a regular mascara though… Like you… I don’t really see a difference.


  3. Great review! Coincidentally, I am also going through two tubes of Maybelline Falsies and Lancome Hypnose (both in waterproof, though). Falsies is really nice but I am finding my tube is going clumpy after just 2 months. 😦 I just started Hypnose so I don’t know how well it will last, but while it defines nicely, it definitely doesn’t give me volume or length. So…not that great. ‘Cause I need volume AND length! But overall, I agree – some of the drugstore mascaras are fantastic!


    1. I use waterproof too! And I love va va voom lashes, so I was very disappointed with the Lancôme. A friend recommended their eyelash primer though, so I think I’m going to try it and still use a cheaper drugstore mascara. I have the same problem with Falsies drying out fast and getting clumpy after a little while, but since it’s so cheap it’s ok. Good luck in your great mascara search!!! 😊

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      1. My longtime faves are Maybelline Full & Soft WP and CoverGirl Professional WP. But you always gotta look for the next best thing, right? 😉


  4. So happy I found this post!!! I agree 100%, just because its expensive doesn’t make it good. I have been using Falsies for a few years now and nolonger will use anything else. The couple of dollars that I spent making the purchase never leaves me feeling like I was robbed. FYI ladies, as a seller on Amazon I have sourced products from sites like Alibaba and have seen this same product listed for wholesell and all you require is a label to sell it. Know that those expensive products that you buy are also available at a wide range of price points. Its all in the marketing and the preceived value. Don’t be fooled by the name thats selling it. IJS


  5. I SO appreciated this post. I’m on a quest to find the perfect mascara because I don’t want to get lash extensions. I’ve wondered about the high end options. Thanks for proving many aren’t worth the hype. #BLMGirls


  6. Hey Kindra!!
    You are not alone: LOVE mascara but, prefer to purchase drug store over high end brands. Don’t laugh but, for me..I prefer mascara’s with a smaller wand. The ones I continue to repurchase are: L’Oréal Telescopic Carbon Black and Wet & wild’s mascara in the ‘purple’ package. When I feel like spending more: I enjoyed ‘They are Real’ by Benefit.


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