Faux two piece dress

I guess faux two piece dresses are a thing right now because I bought a couple last year and I just bought two more within the last few weeks. I guess you could say that I kinda like them a lot 😊

The one I’m wearing today came from Ross in the junior section. I’ll say it again, if you can still fit junior sizes, in Ross, that’s where you’ll find all the cute, trendy clothing. You do have to adjust your sizing for some things especially regarding length because a lot of the skirts and dresses are super short, so going up a size or two helps. 

  I love this dress because I can not only wear it to church, but it can also be dressed up if I’m going somewhere more dressy and need a cocktail dress. 
Where I got it:

  • Dress: Ross
  • Necklace: Versona
  • Heels: Neiman Marcus (Christian Louboutin.)

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