Easy and delish lasagna; so good you may slap your mama!


One of my fav meals is homemade lasagna! I could seriously eat a whole pan. A few months ago, when I had a lasagna craving, I found a recipe by the Neely’s. Side note, I’m still a little bummed that they broke up. But I’m kinda not surprised because I’ve always said that a couple who is that over the top with the lovey doviness is probably clawing each other’s eyes out at home! 

The first time I made it, I was puzzled about why the recipe didn’t call for seasoning the meat, so I added seasoning while cooking the meat, plus added the seasoning that the recipe did call for and it came out salty. This time I followed the instructions and it came out perfect! 

I also made a few other adjustments to the recipe. I used regular lasagna noodles instead of the no boil kind because I just don’t like the taste of the no boil kind. I also used crushed tomatoes instead of stewed because I mean hello, why chop them when you can already buy them crushed? I used ground turkey and mild Italian sausage. I used ricotta cheese instead of cottage. And I also used lowfat cheeses. Here’s the original recipe

If you love lasagna, you’ve gotta try this one. Delish!!!!


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  1. Love your simple approach to making a dish that can sometimes get complicated. Crushed tomatoes already come in a can! Hello!!!! Make sure the can is BPA Free & get it organic if you’re concerned about it. Thinking about beers we can pair this with. #BLMGirl #foodiesunite


    • Good point about BPA free cans! I’ll have to look at that next time, thanks!!! And I’d love to get beer, wine, heck whatever kind of cocktail recommendations you think of that would pair well!


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