Tulle-in’ around on a Sunday!

Tulle skirts are everywhere these days! And who doesn’t wanna walk around looking like a ballerina?! Especially me because I love all things fluffy, foo foo, and girly! 

I found my tulle skirt in Ross weeks ago. I wore it for the first time to church today. I had to sit in the back away from people because it’s kinda big when I sit and I didn’t want anyone sitting on my skirt 😁. 

Mine is the perfect shade of blush. You can dress these things up or down. The next time I have a girls night out, I’m wearing it with a white crop top! 


 What do you wear with your tulle skirts? 

Where I got it:

  • Shirt: Express
  • Skirt: Ross
  • Heels: Target (Sam & Libby)
  • Necklace: jane.com



2 thoughts on “Tulle-in’ around on a Sunday!

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  1. Just catching up on your BLOG-LOVE ‘tu tu’ tulle skirts. I purchased mine online at a website called Windsor (store ) its an actual retail store. However, I have yet to see one in Charlotte since I moved here from CT. They have cute things and reasonable prices. I need to find the Ross you shop at b/c the one I frequent is picked over. *(For the birds..if you ask me! LOL )


    1. Sounds like I’d love Windsor! I shop the Ross in Rock Hill. It’s just a short drive from Charlotte! And I find the cutest things in the junior’s section. I know I’m too old, but that’s where I find the good stuff!


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