Before you order those cute clothes from China, read this!

We’ve all seen the ads on Facebook for the cute, cheap clothes from China….but before you click buy and get your credit card out of your wallet, you may want to think twice before you buy! 

I’ve fallen into the trap three times already, and I don’t plan on giving it another shot. The first item I ordered was this pink coat. It was advertised as a wool blend, so I should have known better, it’s fleece 😔

 The next item I ordered was this shirt. Yes it is super cute, but the material is super cheap and thin. The first one arrived with a hole, they did send a replacement without even asking for the first one back, but it took forever and a day for it to get here. Also, the buttons at the neckline aren’t even real buttons, or centered in the middle! 

 And last, I ordered this swimsuit…the top is supposed to be a halter-ish type top, but it’s just a thin piece of material with no lining that you’re expected to somehow wrap around you and stay put! I did end up buying another black top from Target to wear with the bottoms because I do at least like those. 

  So, there you have it. The good, bad, and the ugly of buying online from China. They do offer low, very low prices, and very cute finds, but since you never know what you’re gonna get quality wise, it’s not worth taking the risk to me. One more thing, the sizes are waaaaay off! Everything I’ve gotten was at least an XL, and I’m clearly not an XL size. 

Let me know what experiences you’ve had and what you think! 


6 thoughts on “Before you order those cute clothes from China, read this!

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  1. I’ve heard so many horror stories about ordering from China. The only thing I’ve ordered has been a cell phone case and a fascinator. Everything else, I will pass on #BLMGirl


  2. I’ve read other horror stories about clothing from China but never seen anyone post a blog about what was purchased. This is very informative, I see these Google ads of beautiful maxi dresses that I’m sometimes tempted to order. I’ll pass #BLMGirl


  3. I’m constantly approached by vendors from
    China. I usually decline after I actual see there products. However I was lucky with SheInside the stuff they sent me was pretty ok.

    #BLMGirl 😁


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