What I wore this weekend

Hey y’all! It’s spring/summer here in Charlotte. Which means, cue cute outfits! Not to get all sentimental and mushy, and waaay off topic for what I’m sharing, but when I was single and praying for my future mate to make his appearance; I’d be like, omg all these cute clothes and nowhere to go! Now, I have someone to wear them out with, and I thank God for finally answering that prayer. But back to what I was saying, I love my warm weather clothing so much better than the rest of my clothes. My shoes are also so much cuter and more colorful. I could totally live someplace where it’s warm all the time!

So, if you need some warm weather inspiration, check out my weekend of cute outfits!

Surprise, everything came from Ross, except for my shoes. But two out of three pair did come from the same place, Dillard’s! Y’all. I’m so excited that it’s warm now, I can hardly stand it. Check back with me in a few weeks when it’s a gazillion degrees and humid as heck. I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune! What are y’all excited about wearing now that it’s warm?

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