Friendship breakups – they suck!

I saw this meme last week and it really spoke to me. Some feelings resurfaced. I remembered my best friend from high school. Someone who was like a sister. And someone I thought would be around forever. I still can’t explain the exact cause for the fallout. But it happened. And a friend became a stranger. It hurt like hell. You see, friends become family, and losing family hurts. It literally feels like death. Yet, no one really talks about it!

Just like a breakup, we replay the good times, over analyze everything, and wonder what we could have done different. But, life goes on. And when you know you have a clear conscience, you move on. Life goes on, and if you’re lucky, you meet new friends who become family.

I remember hearing that my bff from the past had her first child, and I sent her a gift with a card. She wrote me back, with basically thank you, but we’ll never be friends again. I say that to say, just like in any relationship, you can’t make someone love you. And a friendship is no different. While we wish certain people would stay in our lives always, some are only meant to stay for a season.

Have you guys experienced a friend breakup? And how’d you deal? And if you have or are going through this, please know it’s not you, it’s them, and they suck!

4 thoughts on “Friendship breakups – they suck!

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  1. This really spoke to me….
    I do remember the cause and it has never been the same since with my childhood BFF.


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