WW friendly chicken philly pita

I recently joined WW a few weeks ago. I’ve lost 6 lbs, yay! I’m learning the right foods to eat, low in carbs and sugar…yada yada yada, but it’s working! I’ve been discovering and creating my own recipes and this one is one of my faves! It’s a chicken philly on a pita, and only 6 points!


Joseph’s pita (1sp)

Steak Umm chicken (0sp)

Sargento ultra thin provolone (1 slice, 1sp)

Red or green bell peppers


I’ve always been curious about what Steak Umms tasted like when I did eat red meat back in the day and then when I saw they made them in chicken I had to try them!

They cook really quick. You just need to spray your skillet with nonstick spray, add your veggies and chicken. When it’s cooked after a few minutes, add cheese and bam, you’re done! The pita is a great low point option, but you can use whatever bread you like if you’re not counting points!

Let me know if you guys try my recipe!

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