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Dillard’s clearance: fab shoe find


Hey y’all! Hope everyone has had an amazeballs week so far. It’s been eons since I wrote about shoes. I’ve actually been trying to do less shopping. I have soooooo much stuff it’s getting kinda ridiculous. But when Dillard’s has a clearance sale where you get extra off, it’s worth checking it out. It was the weekend before July 4th and there was an extra 30% off! I went a little nuts. I got 2 pair of sunnies, a necklace, earrings, a shirt (which I just remembered,) and these fab pair of heels! 

They ended up being like $25. You can’t beat that for a pair of Jessica Simpsons. I love her shoes by the way. I even wore a pair today. They’re affordable, always comfy, and always on sale somewhere! 

So other than sales like these, I rarely even shop at Dillard’s. But like I said, when they have these sales, you must go. You never know what you’ll find. I hear there’s also a Dillard’s clearance store in Asheville. I’ve been meaning to go, and I think I may do that on my bday this year. I always take the day off because hello, I don’t work on the national holiday that is my bday, and I need something to do that day. It’s not far away, so why not go and see what I can find. Have you guys been? 


Steve Madden lace-up heels


Happy New Year everyone! I chose to ring in the new year by going to church and dinner with a friend. Hopefully this year I’ll be somewhere fabulous with a date, wearing a super cute outfit and killer heels! Not that church isn’t an awesome way to celebrate being blessed to see another year, but I’d like to experience one of those fancy parties that I see on tv where you get all dressed up and get a kiss from your handsome date when the clock strikes 12! 

I’ve completely derailed…but I wanted to show you these totally awesome, smoking hot pair of lace-up heels I found at Dillard’s on Friday at the New Year’s Day sale!  By the way, if you’ve never been to this sale, GO next year! Pretty much every department has 50% off clearance! And it’s not just junk clearance, it’s the good stuff! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, but get there early! 

 They’re the Raela by Steve Madden. I don’t know what it is about lace-up heels but I can’t not buy them when I see them! They look so good on! I got mine for a steal, but you can get them for regular price here. They also come in other colors. I had to talk myself out of buying the nude, but I now wish I wouldn’t have! 

Do you have a pair of these? I’m so looking forward to wearing these with everything! Steve Madden shoes are typically always super comfy!