Highlights from Vegas

Hey y’all! Hope everyone is having a great spring so far! It’s already June, OMG where has this year gone?!?! Anywho, Memorial Day is the unofficial kick off to summer, and this year I spent mine in Vegas with the boyfriend. We had an awesome time! It was my 2nd trip there, and I noticed quite a bit had changed since I had last been there, so it was kinda like being there for the first time. I also won about $100 on the slots, yay! I didn’t get to see JLo, but there’s always next time!

Here are some of my fav things/memories from the trip:

  • Bellagio Conservatory

Y’all, these were some of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen in my life. And they smelled amazing! I hear it changes with the seasons, so always go when you’re there to check it out!

  • Cirque de Soleil show

You have to see a show when you’re there. We saw “Love” which was a tribute to the Beetles. I’m not a Beetles fan, but the show was very good. The acrobatics were amazing. I’d definitely see another one of these shows again.

  • Sprinkles cupcakes

I finally got to try these after seeing them on tv for years. I feel like just about every West coast reality show I’ve watched at one time or another mentioned this place. They weren’t the best I’ve ever had, but good. I tried vanilla and strawberry. Strawberry was the better of the two.

  • Fatburger

So, the first time I ate here 10 years ago, the turkey burger was slap yo mama good…this time, not so much. I was very underwhelmed and disappointed. But, I just had to go there since we don’t have these on the East coast.

  • Food and drinks

Food and drinks can be expensive in Vegas, but here’s a tip, look for places off the strip for better deals. Zenshin at Southpoint had a great happy hour.

  • Ross

Last but not least, I got to shop in the best and biggest one I’ve ever seen! It was 2 stories. 2 stories!!!!! They had rows and rows of shoes. The accessories counter was huge! I found some great pieces that I haven’t seen in stores around here. Now my goal is to visit every major city that has a Ross!

Overall, we had a great time. I’m so thankful to have been able to get away for a few days, because now I don’t feel like I’m about to snap! How did you guys spend Memorial Day?

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