Sole patches review

Hey y’all! It’s literally been a month of Sundays since I write something. I know, shame on me! Anywho, I hope everyone is enjoying the crisp fall weather and fall wardrobe essentials!

So, I ordered Sole Patches after seeing an IG ad…not the first time I’ve been a sucker for a good ad! These are cushions that you can either stick to the bottom of your feet or stick on the inside of your shoe. Today, for the first time since I’ve even had them, I decided to put them in my shoe. I thought sticking them to the bottom of my foot for just one use was a waste because they cost $10 for a package of 3.

Verdict? I like them, but can’t say I love them. Also, they stick pretty good, so you have to be precise with placement because mine started to tear when I tried to move them. My heels did feel more comfy though, and that was the goal!

Would I buy them again? Maybe. I just saw another ad for a different insole today, so I may give them a try if I decide I need more. Thankfully for the most part, my heels are comfy. If I find a shoe hurts my foot, I get rid of them, no matter how cute they are!

A quick google search for sole patches will lead you to them, if you decide to give them a whirl!

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