Maxi pads for heel comfort

Y’all. This is gonna sound cray, but I tried something yesterday, and omg it worked! I had seen this on GMA, I think, some years ago, but was reluctant to try. But as of yesterday, I’m a believer! If you ever find yourself with a pair of heels on and your feet start hurting, grab a maxi pad, place it in your shoe, and now you have a super soft cushion. Just like that, no more pain!

Also, the thicker the pad, the better! At first I tried the thin kind that I use and had it my purse, but then when I went to the restroom, I figured I’d try the thicker ones we have in our restrooms. It felt like I was walking on a cloud! And hello, maxi pads are cheaper than buying expensive insoles for your shoes.

I’ll definitely be using them all the time now, but luckily most of my heels are pretty comfy. Have you guys heard of or have tried this before?

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