Revlon nail polishes

To know me is to know that I’m obsessed with nail polish. Pretty much all of my life, same story! I even used to change my polish daily to match my outfits in high school and college! Times have changed and I don’t match the colors to my outfits, but I do buy a lot of polishes! Unfortunately they don’t last more than a day or two before chipping, but I’ve gotten used to the routine!

Nail polish can also be expensive. I try not to put too much money into them, knowing they won’t last. But I have had some good luck with Revlon. They last 3 days on my nails without chipping, if I’m lucky! I’ll take it! Here are some of my faves.


Grey suede

Although more nude than grey, it is such a pretty nude!


I’m not even sure that they still make this one, because I’ve had this bottle for a long time, but the polish is still good!

Have you guys tried Revlon polishes before? If so, what’s your fave colors? I love them so much, I can’t wait to buy more!

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