TIS the season of the romper!

One thing I always look forward to when the weather is warm is wearing rompers! I also refer to them as adult onesies, but they are awesome!!! A whole outfit in one piece of clothing is just genius!!!! 

Today I’m wearing my first romper of the season! I got it at Ross months ago, of course in the junior’s section because I’m telling you that’s where all the cute clothes are in Ross! 

 Are you crazy about rompers too? The only complaint I have is going to the restroom! Omg, talk about a pain in the behind!!!! But they’re cute, so it’s totally worth the annoyance!  

6 thoughts on “TIS the season of the romper!

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  1. Love the romper on you! Very C-U-T-E! I love them myself & yes, I do wear them during this time of year when I can! I’m also a BIG fan of jumpsuits! To me, they can be worn year round as well…depends upon the style & material, of course! In fact, my ‘go to’ night out on the town or out to dinner is a black jumpsuit. *(I have a sleeveless one for warmer weather *(with a nice necklace &/or earring) and a long sleeve one for the fall & winter. I found them at Ross & H&M! I know you love animal priint as much as I do-believe me a jumpsuit with a hot animal print *(leopard-my personal fav) shoe & a dark smouldering lipstick is Muy Cliente *(HAWT!!) LOL


    1. Thank you!!! And I totally agree, I love a good jumpsuit too! I’ll have to check out H&M! We didn’t have any stores here in Charlotte until recently, so I always forget to go there. I only have sleeveless ones, so I’d love to find a few with sleeves for cooler weather!


      1. Please do! *Check out H&M-the one at in Pineville maybe a tad bit smaller but, less picked over than the other mall location in Charlotte. Don’t laugh…but, I forgot to mention-check out JCPenny’s too! They have very cute ones-their clothes have come a long way!!! I love the stand alone store in Independence!!! They also have a BIG sephora in there also! The bonus is that there is ALWAYS a store coupon to use on already marked down or sale prices! You have get great bargains in there! Very affordable!


  2. Just noticed all the typo’s! Sorry about that…was trying to rush respond before leaving my home! LOL On my way out.. 🙂 I hope you understood what I was trying to say! LOL


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