Jumpsuits in the office? Just add a blazer!

I can’t tell you how much I love jumpsuits and rompers! Not much is easier than a whole outfit in just one piece of clothing! 

While not all are work appropriate, if you have a basic jumpsuit, you can easily make it office appropriate by adding a blazer! 

I’m wearing a black jumpsuit I found at TJ Maxx last year. It was only 19.99, and I love it because I can dress it up or down. I’ve said this before, but if you can still fit into junior sizes, that’s where all the cute clothes are in places like Ross and a TJ Maxx! My jumpsuit is from the junior’s section. 

And let me just say, jumpsuits and rompers are so great until you have to go to the restroom…

Where I got it: 

  • Blazer: JC Penny (very old)
  • Jumpsuit: TJ Maxx (last year)
  • Belt: Ross (very old)
  • Shoes: DSW
  • Necklace: jane.com (very old)

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