Kimonos are pretty awesome!

I love a good kimono! They can be worn with anything! You can wear them as a swim suit coverup, with shorts, jeans, even with a dress. I haven’t found anything yet that doesn’t look good with a kimono. 

Today I’m wearing one that I found last weekend at Ross with a pair of high wasted denim shorts, which I also got at Ross months ago. 


The shoes are also pretty amazeballs and were an awesome deal! $20 on clearance from Belk last weekend. I’m normally not a department store shopper, but I went into Belk to get mascara and of course I wandered into the shoe department! I’m glad I did because I love these wedges and they’re super comfy! 

So, are you a kimono lover too? And what do you like to wear them with?  

11 thoughts on “Kimonos are pretty awesome!

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  1. I’ve always loved kimono’s, but I’ve yet to own one I think I always got nervous about how I would possibly wear it. They are lovely though!


  2. One of my girls is obsessed with kimonos, they’re her signature thing. She mainly wears them with a tee and denim to style the look up. Actually now I think I might have to add one to my life too. 🙂



  3. I just bought my first kimono the other day. Unfortunately, it’s super cold here in NYC at the moment (boooooo!) so I can’t wear it yet. Can’t wait to pair it with my maxi tube dress or a pair of boyfriend jeans! #BLMGirl


    1. Yes! They are everywhere these days. And thank you! You should definitely try one. They’re so versatile! The one in the pic I wore today with a black sheath dress. It was super cute!


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