Cute find

I think I’m actually going to start a new category on my blog for all of the fantabulous accessories I find on Not sure who posted a link to the site on Facebook some time ago, but thank you!!! Since then, I’ve ordered tons of cute, unique, stylish, and most of all affordable accessories! 

I’ve found so many dupes of expensive pieces that you’d find in J Crew, Anthroplogy, and Stella & Dot just to name a few. 

I just got this in the mail this week and I couldn’t wait to wear it. It’s cute and simple and can be worn with sooooo many things! Can’t remember exactly what I paid, but I’m thinking something like 4.99. The most I’ve ever paid for shipping is 2.99. If you love accessories, you’ve gotta check out! 

No they’re not paying me to say all of this, I just love to pass along a good bargain when I find one! But, if you’re listening, I’d love for you to sponsor my blog 😊

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