What I learned from ‘Being Mary Jane’ last week

Not my fav show, but I feel invested since I watched all of season 1, so I’m now watching out of obligation. So, on last week’s episode, Mary Jane’s “cut buddy” was introduced. Maybe I’m not up on my slang, but I still call it FWB…friends with benefits. 

Being single, we all have our moments…especially last week when it was single degree temps in the Carolinas. Some body heat would have been fantabulous…and when I said that to my mom, she told me to get an electric blanket! 

Here’s the thing though, now that I’m older, and I know what I want, a “cut buddy” as Mary Jane calls it just isn’t enough. At some point in that kinda arrangement, someone is bound to catch feelings, and almost always those feelings aren’t reciprocated. So, in the end someone gets hurt. So, is it really worth it? 

What do you think? Has a FWB arrangement ever turned into love? 

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