The awesomeness of ponchos!

This fall I am loving the poncho trend! Thanks to the 70s fashion revival I am really having fun with bringing back some old trends from my favorite decade (fashion wise)!

I had a poncho or two years ago that I wish I had saved! The bad thing about once I find something I like, I tend to want the same thing in every color/pattern that exists! So yeah, I’m now on my 4th poncho! 

The one I’m wearing today I found  at Ross. It’s a cute Aztec pattern. 

  Pardon the background. I’m hotel living this week for work, so no I don’t have this drab furniture anywhere in my house 😉

Another awesome thing about ponchos is that they hide everything! Feeling a little extra fluffy? Just throw on a poncho and problem solved!!! 

I’ve been waiting for the temps to drop enough to wear this because it’s kind of heavy, so yay I got to wear it today! 

Where I got it: 

  • Poncho and jeans: Ross
  • Booties: Hautelook 

Have you jumped on the poncho trend yet? What do you like to wear them with? 

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