Homemade detox lemonade tea

Raise your hand if you over indulged last week during thanksgiving! Uh yeah, my hand is raised high! Thankfully it wasn’t on sugary desserts, but only because we only had one sweet potato pie that I picked up at Publix, and banana pudding. By the way, Publix makes a pretty good pie, for being store bought. I haven’t tasted the infamous Patti pie, but I think it could give it a run for its money! 

On another note, I had planned on making yummy homemade vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing…but they turned out horrible, and by horrible I mean they wouldn’t rise so they ended up in the trash. Something must have went wrong with doubling the recipe. The original recipe only made 12 cupcakes, but oh no I had to be greedy and double it to make 24 and look where that got me, nowhere!!!! So that’s what happened to the desserts! 

Anyway, after all the food that went in my belly, I felt bloated and just plain over stuffed so I made this awesome detox tea that I had seen someone post on Facebook. 

  Not pictured but included in the original recipe is cayenne pepper. Supposedly it aides in digestion if you were to drink this right after a big meal. I didn’t add it to my tea but maybe next time. It actually tastes really good and even if the detox claims are untrue I’ll continue to drink it. 

Grab a mug and all you have to do is add the juice of 1 lemon along with a pinch of each of the spices, and a little honey, then add a cup of boiling hot water. Mix well, and drink up! 
I can tell you that this definitely gets things going, if you know what I mean. So if that’s the detox effect then it does work! 

Have you ever tried this concoction and what do you think? 

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday! 

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