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Sephora nude glow: yes you need some!


Hey y’all! Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th! I visited my mom in SC for the day, and on the way home from dinner, I got my first speeding ticket! Womp womp! Other than that, it was great. So, I’m in love with a new product. Well I don’t know how new it is but I just discovered it. I live for a good glow, so I’m so excited about it! It’s called nude glow by Sephora. It’s a setting spray and I paid $20. A little pricey I think for such a small package, but definitely worth it. 

It’s an aeresole mist.  You have to be careful about over spraying because you can’t feel it going on, and if you spray too much, you end up looking greasy! 

This pic is from Sunday, the first day I used it. I thought I was a little heavy handed with it, but I still loved the look. 

You guys should definitely try this stuff! 


Get your glow on!


Besides the hot, steamy, sweaty weather in the summer, one thing I do LOVE about summer is sun-kissed, glowy skin! Luckily nowadays with so many amazeballs products out there, you can get your glow on whenever you want! 

Last week, I just wasn’t satisfied with any of my make-up, I hated my foundation, mascara, bronzer, pretty much anything I had! So, I went on the MAC website and the first image I saw was an amazing bronzed beauty and I wasn’t going to rest until I found out how she got the look!

One day after work I stopped by the MAC counter, showed the artist the pic I saw, and of course she tells me I need a gazillion products! Here’s my look with my new products! 

I’m using two new products, strobe cream and a mineralize skin finish highlighter. 

The strobe cream is a moisturizer that gives you an awesome shimmer/glow! It’s so, so pretty even before you add anything else to your face! 

The skin finish, you add wherever the sun would normally hit your face. I do my forehead, down my nose, above my lip, chin, cheeks, and into my hairline. What are your fav products to get your glow on? I’m so loving the look, I will probably do this all the time now! 

And here’s the gorgeous model with her gazillion products, but I had to settle for two because ain’t nobody got time to be spending all the coins on make-up!