Bell sleeves and lace-up heels kinda Friday 

Happy Friday y’all! I’m soooooo glad this week is donezo! Fridays are my more casual dress days at work, even though we’re business casual every other day, I still like to dress up and look nice! So, casual to me is a dress I probably wouldn’t wear during the week 😁 

If you remember, I wrote about an ugly print dress that I was totally in love with that I ordered from Hautelook. I’ve only worn it twice but each time I wear it I realize how amazeballs it really is! The bell sleeves just rock, I love the way it fits, and when I’m feeling chubby, it hides everything!  

 It’s hard to see the awesomeness of the sleeves in the pic but take my word for it! This dress also looks great with my lace-up heels that I found at DSW last year. They’re also surprisingly comfy! 

Until next time, it was fun wearing this dress today! I’m now ready to throw on my comfy clothes, kick my feet up, watch some DVR’d shows, eat something I have no biz, and enjoy my Friday night! 

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