NYX Maison: perfect neutral lippie

So, if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE lipstick! I may just even say that I hoard them because I sometimes buy the same ones over and over even though I have a gazillion others in a similar shade 🙈 

NYX is one of my fav drugstore brands. Their products are actually very good quality for the price. The matte lippies are just the bomb.com. They’re non-drying and very long lasting. One of my faves is maison. It’s an awesome grayish brown and is supposedly a dupe for MAC stone.  

 I wear this one a lot, especially  if I want a neutral lip.  

 What’s your verdict on NYX products? I highly recommend them. You can find them in some drugstores, beauty supply stores, or Ulta, where I typically buy mine. 

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