Add a little color to your face with blush 

One of my goals this year was to get better with makeup! So far, I’ve tried a few things that have made a huge difference, like primer and setting spray. 

I’ve never been much of a blush wearer. In fact I didn’t even own any until a few weeks ago. Since I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, I decided to go cheap with the elf brand! The first pink shade I got was so light that I couldn’t see it, so while in Target on Saturday, I picked up a darker pink called “passion pink.”

Here’s what it looks like on. 


Don’t let the color scare you just by looking at it, it doesn’t go on your face nearly as bright! 


I’ll definitely be adding this into the makeup routine, especially in the spring/summer! I love the way it gives your face a little color. 

Are you a blush wearer? What’s your fav brand/color? 


9 thoughts on “Add a little color to your face with blush 

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  1. Kindra, like yourself…wasn’t big on blushes until recently. I will also admit that I can be a bit thrifty with it comes to certain make up products…blush is one of them. MAC has some amazing colors that compliment women of color…BUT, with the cost of their foundation *(which I use) I rather spend money on cheaper drug store brands. Cover girl, NYX, Jordana & MILANI. I’ll admit, I do have MAC highlighters…they are must haves! Soft & gentle & Trace Gold.


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