Are women complicated?

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and possibly set in my ways, but I’m starting to realize sometimes I’m a little complicated! Dating post divorce has really shown me that I’m not the same person I was when I was dating in my teens and 20’s! Now that I’ve been on the other side for awhile I’ve also realized that you people who wait until your 30s to get married are very, very smart! If I had to do it all over again, I would have waited. Anyway, I digress…the purpose of today’s blog is to admit that I’m a woman, and yes sometimes I’m complicated! 

Especially when it comes to dating. For example, when I’m not dating, I miss phone calls, texts, etc., but when I’m getting to know someone new, I get annoyed if they don’t call, but then if they do call everyday, I’m also annoyed! I start to think of reasons why his calls bother me. Is he cray cray or doesn’t have anything else going on? Then for the guy that doesn’t call, I’m annoyed that he can’t pick up the phone to call. Am I not important enough to him? And uh hello, I have a phone too, so why not just call him? 

And then there’s the act of going out on a date itself. I want to go out and get out of the house, but I’m also quite happy being at home in my comfy clothes in front of the tv! So, I sometimes find myself making excuses to not go…and let it be during the week. The answer is always no because after working out, it just takes me too long to put myself together again! But that’s not exactly flexible and conducive to growing a relationship if that’s my goal! 

So, yeah, I have no solution to this conundrum but the first step is at least admitting the problem! 

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