Another reason I love ‘Empire’, Cookie’s makeup

I was so sad to see ‘Empire’ go! Why does the season have to be over already?! Besides Cookie’s awesome wardrobe, I love her makeup looks!!! 

When I saw the dark wine-ish color lipstick she’s worn on a few episodes, I was like 😍! I still have no idea what the shade is or who makes it, so if you do know please share!!!! But I found an option that liked yesterday at Ulta. It’s dahlia by NYX. 

It’s one of the high voltage shades, which makes the third one I’ve gotten in the last few weeks, so I obviously love them! They feel great on, very moisturizing, and pretty long wearing. They also have a bit of shine, but not glossy, which I love! 

Here’s what it looks like on. Me likey! 


Have you tried the NYX high voltage lippies, and what do you think?

6 thoughts on “Another reason I love ‘Empire’, Cookie’s makeup

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  1. I need to watch this show. My entire FB feed has been in an uproar about how awesome it is. Ill try to catch up before the next season starts.

    And big, fat YAY on the lipstick color. That’s one of my favorites.


    1. Yes! You do need to watch!!! It’s a great show. I hear it’s not coming back until next year 😒 so you have plenty of time to catch up! And thanks for your comment!


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