70’s fashion is back…again & who knew there was such a thing as fit & flare leggings?! 

If there was an era I belonged in for the sake of fashion, it would be the 70’s! I love the platforms, bell bottoms, mini skirts, Afros, I love it all! 

A few weeks ago, I found these fit & flare pants along with the leggings in the junior’s section at Ross, and I was immediately in love! Anytime I see anything 70’s inspired, it comes home with me! 

Since the weather is nice, I decided to wear them today! And I’ve been getting compliments on my outfit everywhere I go today. It’s just so cute! 


Where I got it: 

Pants, shirt, shoes: Ross

Denim jacket: Old Navy (a really long time ago)

Necklace: jane.com

What do you love about 70’s fashion? 

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