Nail polish storage idea!

If you’re anything like me, you have way too many bottles of polish laying around. I was reading a Buzzfead article the other day about organizing at home with cheap things you can find at the dollar store. One idea was to use a spice rack for nail polish storage. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for a cheap spice rack. 

Who would have thought finding one was so hard?! But I found one yesterday at Home Depot for about $7. I was hoping I could just nail it and let it hang on the nails, but nope, had to break out the drill because screws were needed. 

You’ll need a flat surface for the polish or else they’ll fall over or through the cracks. I used the flaps from a small box. Now I just have to find a cute way to cover the cardboard! 

Here’s a pic of the spice rack on the wall. 


Here’s what I mean about needing a flat surface! 


Here’s another view so that you can see how it looks on the wall. I hung mine in the bathroom. 


And just for kicks, me and my handy dandy drill. So what if I had to call on my neighbor to change the drill bit for me! 



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