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Give your old furniture new life with a little paint


Ok, first of all, this is not a tutorial because I didn’t do the work 😁 but I had to share a project that I had done last week! I have some old, like first apartment old, furniture in my guest bedroom. I hated the color of the wood, and it was cheap and old, so I wanted to do something with it, without having to purchase new furniture. I love chalk painted, distressed furnishings, so I knew that’s the look I was going for. I knew I didn’t want to do the work because I’d always rather pay someone instead! I found someone who could do it at a reasonable price, and here’s the outcome! 

The first project was a dresser. It turned out amazeballs! 

After I saw how great it looked, I wanted an old table I had by the bed done. I’m so glad I did! This table actually came from Family Dollar or Dollar General, so I mean what I say when I say it was cheap! 

This is what the pieces looked like before. As you can see, they look cheap and old! 

I’m thrilled with my furniture now! I can’t wait to get something else done! Have you guys painted furniture before? It’s such a great alternative to purchasing new furniture! 


Update the look of your home with new lighting


I’m a sucker for home improvement projects. There’s always something I want to do around the house. Updating your light fixtures is a quick and easy way to give a room a little pizazz! During a recent Homegoods visit, I found this amazeballs lighting fixture that was exactly what I had been looking for, for my foyer. And by foyer I mean the tiny little area when you walk into my house! 

I love how it sparkles from the crystals. Now I want to update all of my fixtures! Also, I have to give a shout out to my man for installing it for me! New lighting can be expensive but if you’re a bargain shopper like me, you can always find a good deal! 
Do you have any quick home improving tips or any fav projects you’ve done? 

Nail polish storage idea!


If you’re anything like me, you have way too many bottles of polish laying around. I was reading a Buzzfead article the other day about organizing at home with cheap things you can find at the dollar store. One idea was to use a spice rack for nail polish storage. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for a cheap spice rack. 

Who would have thought finding one was so hard?! But I found one yesterday at Home Depot for about $7. I was hoping I could just nail it and let it hang on the nails, but nope, had to break out the drill because screws were needed. 

You’ll need a flat surface for the polish or else they’ll fall over or through the cracks. I used the flaps from a small box. Now I just have to find a cute way to cover the cardboard! 

Here’s a pic of the spice rack on the wall. 


Here’s what I mean about needing a flat surface! 


Here’s another view so that you can see how it looks on the wall. I hung mine in the bathroom. 


And just for kicks, me and my handy dandy drill. So what if I had to call on my neighbor to change the drill bit for me!