Fall nail color

Now that I have come to terms with the fact that fall is here and summer is gone, I’m ready to fully embrace all things fall! I’m a huge nail polish addict, so that includes new nail colors for me! My love of nail polish goes back to high school. I was that girl who would redo her nails every night so that they match my outfit! I’m not into matchy-matchy now, so I don’t take it to that extreme anymore, but I still can’t stand chipped polish! 

Anyway, I got a mani/pedi on Saturday but before I went I stopped by Sally’s to get a new color! Am I the only weirdo who brings their own polish??? The main reason I bring my own is because I can fix my chipped polish and extend my pedi! 

I love dark colors in the fall for both nail polish and lippies! I got Naughty by Orly and I love it! It’s a really dark brownish/red and it looked awesome on both my hands and toes! 

 My only complaint is that I just got my nails done on Saturday and they were super chipped by Monday! I’m not blaming it on the nail polish, because nothing stays on my nails longer than a couple days no matter what I use, including gel polish. Anybody have any tips for extending nail polish wear? I feel like I’ve tried every base and top coats known to man! 

So what are some of your fav fall nail colors? 

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  1. I’m not sure if you’ve tried the Revlon Gel Envy but I recently tried it & I got the longest wear out of that one. My polish lasted a week where it typically only lasts 3 days, maybe 4 if I’m lucky. #blmgirls


  2. LOVE this shade! Might have to pick this up! 🙂 I know you mentioned it didn’t last long. I’m wondering if there is a way we could possibly use the ‘gel nail’ top coat that is paired with such lines as Revlon or Sally Hanson. Wouldn’t hurt to try the top coat to another nail color brand. May have to try and see!


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