Purse storage solution 

Hey y'all! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I told myself that I wasn't going shopping for awhile, and what did I end up doing all weekend? Shop! I did find some great deals though, and I only bought one item of clothing, so I'm still proud for not buying more clothes. Y'all it's getting... Continue Reading →


Ice cube trays aren’t just for ice! Awesome idea for eyeshadow storage!

As my makeup collection grows, I keep trying to find storage solutions so that I can keep everything organized and most importantly see what I have! This helps so that I don't keep buying the same items over and over!  I can't take credit for this idea, but I saw this on Instagram earlier this... Continue Reading →


Turning unused space into a closet

If you know me in real life or a friend on fb, you've also already seen this. But, like I said this morning, I turned my spare bedroom into a closet/office space. I didn't want to give up my office space completely, which is why I didn't do the whole room. I'm sure I could have... Continue Reading →


Bookcases for shoe storage. Cute & cheap!

If we're friends on fb or IG then you've already seen this, but for the rest of the blogosphere, a few months ago I turned a spare bedroom into a closet/office. I found some cheap 3 shelve bookcases at Walmart, and they are great for shoe storage! If you have the space and are looking... Continue Reading →


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