Turning unused space into a closet

If you know me in real life or a friend on fb, you’ve also already seen this. But, like I said this morning, I turned my spare bedroom into a closet/office space. I didn’t want to give up my office space completely, which is why I didn’t do the whole room. 

I’m sure I could have done this project on on own, or with the help of a friend, but I just like to think of the ideas and pay someone else to do the work! I bought 3 bookcases from Walmart, a closet kit from Lowe’s, and a chandelier from Home Depot. Everything else was already in the room. 

The end result, I love it, and it’s now my fav room in my house! If you need extra place for clothing and shoes, I highly recommend repurposing the space and turn it into a closet, you won’t be sorry! And send me a pic when you do!!! 

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