Say goodbye to under eye circles…or at least hide them really, really well!

I’m blessed to have great skin, and besides enhancing what I already have, the only reason I won’t leave the house without makeup is under eye circles!!! I absolutely hate them! I feel like I’ve tried every concealer under the sun!

I’m a faithful MAC girl when it comes to foundation and concealer. Until recently I was using select coverup but switched because it started looking cakey under my eyes after a few hours since I started using primer…that’s still a mystery to me! So, the MAC artist advised me to try the pro-longwear instead. And I’m glad I listened! It’s amazeballs! It lasts ALL day even after a sweaty workout. Yeah I know I shouldn’t wear makeup at the gym!

So, if you’re looking for a concealer that is the, try this one! It’s fantabulous!

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