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Best legs in the biz


I work out. I do lots of squats, and other leg exercises in an attempt to get the legs of my dreams! Especially because I love, love, love to wear short shorts in the summer! I have several celeb leg crushes that I think of when I imagine what the perfect set of gams would look like for my body. Ultimately Tina Turner is the golden standard of leg goals! Those legs are insured for millions, so that says a lot! And even in her 70’s, she’s definitely still got it! But, there are some other women with amazeballs legs that just be may be able to give Ms. Tina a run for her money. Here are my top 6 picks for the best legs in the biz! 

In order: Tina Turner, Tamia, Ciara, Beyoncé, J Lo, and Jessica Simpson. Yesterday I caught a little heat when I said that Jess may just edge out Ms. Tina for best legs. No one will ever top Tina, but c’mon, she does have some hefty competition these days! And nobody rocks daisy dukes quite like Jess. 

I don’t know about y’all, but if I woke up and my legs looked like any of these ladies, I wouldn’t be mad at all. Until then, I’ll keep up the leg days at the gym and one day I’ll achieve my leg goals! On another note, to get more squats in during the day, I started doing a set of 20 each time I go to the restroom. I also do calf raises when I’m standing in my cube at work. Hey, a little extra can’t hurt! 

Who would make your top list for best legs??


Tina Turner leg goals inspired workout


If we’re friends in real life or on social media, you know that Tina Turner is my ultimate leg goals inspiration. Her legs are “simply the best” as one of her songs would say. Every time leg day rolls around and I’m just not feeling the gym that day, I find the gumption to get it done because Tina Turner legs won’t happen for me by just wishing! 

photo credit: Pinterest.com

I mean seriously, would you look at this woman’s legs, they’re just amazeballs and for a 70-ish year old, she’s definitely still got it! 

So, for the last couple weeks I’ve been doing this or some variation of this leg workout every week and the next day I definitely feel it, so I know my work isn’t in vain, and hopefully I’m well on my way to Tina Turner legs of my own! 

  • 3 sets of step ups, 10 each leg while holding weights or kettle bells. 
  • 3 sets of shoulder press squats. 
  • 3 sets of lunges, 10 each leg. 
  • 3 sets of 12 calf raises. 

I’m not a trainer, but I’ve had some pretty awesome trainers over the years, and have done these exercises under their direction, so I know that they work. I also begin and end the workout with cardio. 

What are some of your fav lower body exercises? 

Squatting & lunging is all worth it when it’s shorts time!!! 


I complain…oh yes I complain when it’s leg day at the gym, but when it’s warm, and time to bring out the shorts, it’s all well worth it! 

I’ve still got some work to do on the thunder thighs, but so far I’m stoked about the results. Today everything I’m wearing except for the necklace came from Ross…surprise, surprise!!! Yeah, I’m just a tad obsessed with that place! 



Now, if I could just get the rest of the bod on the same page, that would be fantabulous! Anyone got any secrets to making oh about 20 lbs disappear ☺️