How to get dewy skin, just in time for spring!

If you can’t tell because I keep writing about getting ready for spring, I’m over winter & can’t wait for it to get here!!!

On Friday, I had an Ulta coupon burning a hole in my pocket, so I got a NYX lipstick (I’ll post about it later) and a NYX dewy finish setting spray. Getting better at makeup has been a goal for awhile, but this year I’ve really made an effort. So I heard a lot about setting sprays, and since I needed another item to use my coupon, I decided to try one. NYX had 2 options, matte or dewy. I thought since spring is right around the corner, dewy would be perfect! I also haven’t learned the technique for the dewy look, so this was also a lazy way out for me! 

The result…I love it! It does what it says! After applying my makeup, a couple sprays to cover my whole face, and voila, a perfect dewy finish! And it does last all day. Can’t remember exactly, but I think it’s around $8. You have to try it! 

Here’s a pic of me yesterday right after using it. Awesome product! When I run out, definitely buying more!

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