Beyond giddy: I met my fav author

I’m still on cloud 9 after meeting my fav author, Emily Giffin last Friday night! Her new book All We Ever Wanted is out now and she’s on a book tour. And lucky for us, Charlotte was the first stop on the tour! The turnout was huge, around 300 people. I had never been to this sorta event, so I didn’t know what to expect. I even met a new friend in line! It was such a fun event. She did a discussion and then we had wine, desserts, and best of all, there was a photo opp!

Here are some pics from the event. If she’s coming to your city, and you love her books, be sure to check it out. It was $40 well spent!

Ok, if I had to complain about something, it would be the lady’s foot that was in my eyesight every time I turned to the right. Every time I looked that way, all I saw was toes!

I’m about half way through the book. I won’t give anything away, but y’all. It’s so good! If you read it, let me know and we’ll have to chat!

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