Because I’ll try anything once…well at least beauty products!   

Update: week 2 and my lashes are noticeably longer! This is with mascara, but they’re definitely longer!

We all have those things we wished were different about ourselves. On my wish list…Michelle Obama arms, Tina Turner legs, maybe a smidgen bigger boobs, hair that falls back into place when the wind blows, and last but not least longer eyelashes!   

You name it, I’ve tried it when it comes to growing longer lashes. Hair, skin & nail vitamins, slathering on vasaline on my eyeballs at night, and yeah nothing works!  So, like everything else, if the good lord didn’t give it to me, I’ll buy it, such as hair! Yes I’ve had a weave several times. 

So, my latest attempt at growing super lush, longer lashes brings me to this. A serum that I ordered from Target for $10 that supposedly gives you longer lashes in 8 weeks! 

It also says it works on brows, so if you’ve been jacked up and need to grow your brows back out, maybe it’ll work. I’m not holding my breath but I’d be overjoyed & super excited if I woke up in 8 weeks with lashes like this!!!! Yeah I won’t get too excited, but I’ll report back in 8 weeks!

What’s on your wish list of things you wished were different? 

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