How to wear leather (or pleather) to the office without looking skanky!

This is year number 14 of working in corporate America. The company I work for is the only place I’ve ever worked (outside of high school and college jobs) so I’ve pretty much grown up there!

It’s been a constant struggle with the wardrobe though. I LOVE fashion and I actually look forward to dressing up for work everyday. But my style and corporate style aren’t always on the same page! I love loud colors, animal print, sky high heels, pretty much all the things that you probably shouldn’t wear to work.

Over the years I’ve had meeting, after meeting, after meeting with past bosses about how “someone” brought to their attention that something I wore wasn’t appropriate for work, from the designs on my tights, to the length of my dress…I’ve been spoken to about it. So, yeah the struggle has been real!

But I’ve found that I can still be me, maybe slightly toned down for work, and I’ve found ways to still be fashionable, yet professional. And thank goodness my employer now has a more relaxed dress code these days, whooohooo!

So, when the leather trend came back into style I was beyond excited! I searched and searched for a pleather skirt that wasn’t hoochie, and was appropriate for work. Finally I found one at JC Penny and ordered online. And it’s perfect! It’s A-line, slightly pleated, hits right at the knee or slightly below depending how much booty you have or your height. And you can dress it up or down.

Here’s my tips for wearing the leather look to work:

  • Choose the right length. Although I love a mini, for work go for knee length or longer.
  • Choose the right style. A-line is great because it’s not form fitting. A pencil skirt version can also work as long as it’s not too tight.
  • Choose a simple top. Since leather appears more edgy, wearing a simpler style on the top will help to tone your look down for the office. And switching tops is an easy way to transition into a nighttime look.
  • If wearing leather pants to the office, just make sure they aren’t too tight and again choose a simple top or pair with a blazer.

Here’s how I wore my skirt to the office. Ok maybe an animal print top isn’t all that simple in your eyes but to me, animal print is a neutral! I loved the look and can’t wait to wear it again!

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